Detroit Moves Joins 2020 Summer Lineup

Detroit Moves, the annual outdoor festival that for the past two years has brought the future of mobility to the streets of Detroit, is transforming and moving to June in 2020.  Traditionally held in October, Detroit Moves recently announced it will be held in conjunction with the reimagined summer NAIAS. 

The exact date for Detroit Moves 2020 will be announced in the near future.

Detroit Moves organizers say the event will take on a new feel.  There’ll be an increased focus on mobility and thought-leadership, as well a showcase of next-generation technologies that are changing the way people move around the world, particularly in urban settings.    

Since 2017, Detroit Moves has been inviting attendees and the public to experience and learn more about autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, last mile forms of transportation, and even flying cars – as a way to promote public perception of alternative mobility.  

For more information about Detroit Moves 2020, visit here.

Detroit Moves is produced by Quicken Loans Community Fund, MICHauto, MEDC/PlanetM, the City of Detroit and Detroit Mobility Lab.