Licensing Procedure

The following rules and guidelines for licensing Satellite Media Tours have been established by the NAIAS. These rules and guidelines apply to all video productions originating from NAIAS or carrying NAIAS-based content or images.

1. The purpose of these rules and guidelines is to establish a process for providing access to and images from NAIAS to provide the maximum benefit for NAIAS exhibitors, while recognizing NAIAS broadcast partners, sponsor and exhibitor needs.

2. Each video producer, broadcaster or entity wishing to conduct a Satellite Media Tour (SMT) originating from NAIAS, during NAIAS, or featuring content and images from NAIAS, must submit a timely, written request to the NAIAS broadcast manager at:

Each written request for SMT license must be filed by Friday, December 11, 2015 preceding NAIAS 2016 and must include the following information:
• SMT producer and full contact information
• Dates, times and NAIAS locations for proposed SMT feed(s).
• SMT clients, including all OEMs, NAIAS sponsors and any third parties participating in the proposed SMT(s).
• Separate requests must be submitted for each SMT.

Upon review, the NAIAS will grant or decline each request in writing. The NAIAS may also request additional information or establish conditions for each license.

The NAIAS reserves without limitation the right to limit the number of licenses granted and to revoke any license for failure to comply with the license requirements, with NAIAS or Cobo Center Rules and Regulations, safety and security considerations or show management guidelines.

NAIAS does limit and reserves the right to limit:
• Number and type of credentials to be issued.
• Location(s) times and access hours.
• Use of the NAIAS name and logo.
• Inclusion of non-NAIAS exhibitors and third parties.
• Any rebroadcast or other use of the video acquired by the SMT.