12:00 pm EST – Monetizing Connected Cars-A Platform Approach

The data generated by connected and autonomous cars will offer automotive OEMs and other brands tremendous opportunities to create marketing platforms, worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year. But there are lots of issues to resolve before that becomes reality.

That was one of the major conclusions of an AutoMobili-D panel of executives from Covisint, the industry digital-services platform.

“We need to be talking about how we enable secure information sharing with the connected car ecosystem to unlock $750 million of value” to marketers, said Aaron Aubrecht, senior vice president of products and marketing for Covisint. “Everyone wins. The owner and operator gets customized experiences. Service providers such as [insurance companies] and next-generation provides benefit. The OEMs win. And, ultimately, society wins.”

Yet Dave Miller, head of security for Covisint, noted the challenge of securing all this data that is in some ways much more challenging, for instance, than the task of securing a smartphone

“People at Apple and Google say, ‘We’ve already solved this with phones,’” Miller said. “So I say, ‘OK, leave your phone in a parking spot for a week. That’s what we do with our cars: We leave them in places, unsecured.’” Cars already have about 40 computers on board, Miller said, and will take on more. “So it’s a data center – but one with wheels that moves.”