10:30-10:55 am EST– Michelin

Michelin made the world debut of its new Pilot Sport All-Season 3+ tire for high-performance cars, especially for winter driving conditions in North America.

Pete Selleck, chairman and president of Michelin North America, said that the new tire “transfers the best of racing technology and innovation into a street tire made for the diverse weather” of this continent. It was designed for all-season performance and, especially, “superior wet and dry braking” for high-performance vehicles.

Available in March, the Pilot Sport All-Season 3+ tire will offer 90 sizes and varieties that will fit a range of performance vehicles and provide 30-percent better snow traction than its predecessor. “That’s especially important in … northern climes when you don’t want to leave your performance car in the garage,” Selleck said.

Also, in part because of a teen-driver education program called Beyond the Driving Test that Michelin launched last year, to push for tire-safety information in U.S. driver-safety curricula, 13 states have committed to implementing such additions

“We are working hard,” Selleck said, “to persuade the rest” of the states.