Brand Center Terms of Use Agreement

NAIAS LLC owns the trademarks “NAIAS,” “Detroit Auto Show,” “North American International Detroit Auto Show,” “North American International Auto Show,” and all marks incorporating the design logo known as the Victory Lady.  NAIAS LLC also owns the Motor Bella mark and related logos, The Gallery mark, the QD Up for Mobility mark, and the AutoMobili-D mark and related logos. You and your organization agree to use these trademarks only in connection with sponsoring, reporting on, or exhibiting at NAIAS and Motor Bella shows. Any other uses by any other people or organizations require separate approvals and additional terms. Accordingly, if you are not a sponsor or an exhibitor or a news organization, you must contact NAIAS LLC before using any of these trademarks.

For example, if you are offering products, merchandise or other services, you must contact NAIAS LLC  through Tracy Wilson, You agree that you are a sponsor or an exhibitor or a news organization, or you have contacted NAIAS as indicated above and obtained the necessary separate approvals. You and your organization agree to use the trademarks as shown, and you will not alter, modify, dilute or otherwise misuse the trademarks. You and your organization will not use older versions of the trademarks. NAIAS may terminate your use of the trademarks. Once NAIAS terminates your use, you and your organization agree to stop using the trademarks immediately.