EyesOn Design Awards are the officially-sanctioned design awards for the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). They honor the best production and concept vehicles making their worldwide auto show debut in Detroit.

The awards are prominently displayed in design studios around the world and are merchandised as industry validation of great design.


A panel of design leaders representing worldwide automotive manufacturers and transportation design chiefs from top design schools around the globe select vehicles to receive EyesOn Design Awards at the North American International Auto Show.

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Chief Judges

  • Joel Piaskowski

    Global Director Design, Cars and Crossovers, Ford Motor Co.

  • Stewart Reed

    Chair of the Transportation Design Department at ArtCenter College of Design

  • Paul Snyder

    Helen Farago Chair of Transportation Design, College for Creative Studies

2019 Judges

  • Anne Asensio

    Vice-Présidente Design Experience, Dassault Systèmes

  • Chris Benjamin

    Head of Fusion Studio & Jeep Passenger Car and UV Interior Design, FCA – North America

  • Wayne Cherry

    Vice President of Design (Retired) General Motors Corporation

  • Kemal Curic

    Chief Designer at The Lincoln Motor Company

  • Dan Darancou

    Vice-President of Design, CH-Auto Technology

  • Colin Dhillon

    Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Canada’s Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association (APMA)

  • Thomas Gould

    Director of Design, Innovation and Craftsmanship, Adient

  • Karim Habib

    Executive Design Director, Infiniti Motor Company, LTD

  • Kevin Hunter

    President of Toyota Motor Corporation’s North American design studio, Calty Design Research

  • John Manoogian

    Director of Design and a Board member of Quadrobot, Inc

  • Pat Murray

    Founder, Murray Design LLC

  • Victor Nacif

    Chief Creative Officer at, Design Mentor at Intersection/The Design Academy, Design Instructor at New School of Architecture and Design, San Diego

  • Keith Nagara

    Director Of Industrial Design & Transportation Design Programs, Lawrence Technological University

  • Steve Pasteiner

    Founder/Owner, Advanced Automotive Technologies

  • Dave Rand

    Design Consultant, Director of Brand for Design, Changan Automotive (Retired)

  • Pat Schiavone

    Visiting Associate Professor of Product Design, College for Creative Studies

  • Michael Simcoe

    Vice-President, GM Global Design, General Motors Corp.

  • Danny Stillion

    Partner & Executive Design Director, IDEO

  • Mark Trostle, Jr.

    Head of Performance, Passenger Car and Utility Vehicle Exterior Design, FCA North America

  • Kip Wasenko

    GM Design (Retired)

2019 Docents

  • Gerry Piaskowski

    Chief Docent
    Director of Design (Retired), Daimler Chrysler

  • Jeevak Badve

    Vice President, Strategic Growth, Sundberg-Ferar


  • Brian Baker

    Executive Design Consultant, Founder AutoAdventures

  • Brook Banham

    Owner, Middlecott, LLC


  • Bill Barranco

    Automotive Design Services Consultant, Founder, Autovision RCD,Inc.

  • Ken Carlson

    Chrysler Design (Retired)

  • Mahdi Chowdhury

    Transportation Designer, Lear Corporation

  • Andre Clemons

    Solutions Director and Design Ambassador, Dassault Systèmes

  • Peter Davis

    Director of Design at Bordrin New Energy Vehicle Corporation

  • Frank Dionisopoulos

    Senior Designer – MOPAR Performance & Motorsports Studio, FCA NA

  • Glen Durmisevich

    Chief Designer, Navistar

  • Harman Gill

    Industrial Designer, ABC Group Inc.

  • Richard Gresens

    Principal, Gresenrich LLC

  • Tom Hale


  • Pete Lawlis

    Head of Interior Systems, FCA

  • Nancy Lockhart

    Color Marketing Manager, Axalta Coating Systems

  • David McIntosh

    League of Retired Automotive Designers

  • Bill Michalak

    Retired, GM Design, General Motors Inc.

  • Gail Miciuda

    Business & Product Development Manager, Thermoflex Corporation

  • Pete Montero

    Manager of Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center’s Product Planning & Packaging

  • Dave O’Connell

    Chief Designer, Divergent3D

  • Tom Obertynski

    Michigan Glaucoma Specialists

  • Brad Palmer

    Designer, MAYCO International

  • Oneita Porter

    Lead Creative Designer, Color + Trim: Commodities and Innovation, General Motors Design

  • Christos Roustemis

    Designer, Teaching Graduate and Undergraduate Design at Wayne State University and College for Creative Studies

  • Sebastian Sullen

    Senior Design Engineer, General Motors Corporation